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High School

The curriculum is taught from a Christian perspective to help students obtain a biblical worldview discovered in the word of God.

Our teachers in the high school department are dedicated to your student’s achievement. They will create a classroom environment where students are able to engage in classroom discussion, collaborate with their peers, create joint peer projects, and participate in hands-on learning endeavors. Technology  will consistently used in the classroom to further help encourage student’s education. Our teachers take pride in assisting students so they can succeed in the Real World.

Our high school gives students the opportunity to participate in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) activities. These REAL-WORLD workshops are able to bring STEAM to life and help students make correlation to their learning.

In addition to core classes, students have the opportunity to choose electives such as Team Sports, ASL, Drama, Career Training, Yearbook, Media, Latin and Leadership. Friday chapel services, students are able to worship with their class and hear special speakers share from the Word of God.